zondag 3 november 2013

Deluxe thermometer with ethnernet and logging and adafruit neopixel display

the code is on github https://github.com/andrethemac/thermometer_adafruit_ethernet.git

A weekend project.
1 arduino ethernet
1 adafruit neopixel shield 8x5.
1 sht15 temperature senson
1 pressure sensor
some wire
How to wire up is explained in the ino file in github.

There are good wikis on the setup of the lighttp server, Python examples and mysql info too.

The neopixel can put a huge load on the power supply. You have to take care about that. By keeping the brightness rather low, the shield draws no more than 60 mA (a shield on full blast goes easy over 1A).
Putting a piece of paper before the neopixels makes the display more readable and clearer. (or a piece of plexiglass would do the same, just don't use a crystal clear one).
The bar graph takes 8 hours to fill up, so be patient.